Los peces nacen en el agua, el hombre nace en el Tao.Si los peces, nacidos en el agua, buscan la sombra profunda del estanque o la alberca, todas sus necesidades son satisfechas.Si el hombre, nacido en el Tao, se hunde en la profunda sombra de la no-acción, para olvidar la agresión y las preocupaciones, no le falta nada, su vida es segura.
Moraleja: "Todo lo que necesita el pez es perderse en el agua.Todo lo que necesita el hombre es perderse en el Tao".


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Vajrapani & Hayagriva, with Garuda above Yidam Deity Buddhist Deity Bodhisattva meditation Dharma protector Temple guardian thangka thanka

Guardian of the Faith

Protector of the teachings and remover of obstacles to the teaching, strong and unwavering, massive and grounded – no one can get past Vajrapani. He stands here in warrior pose, clasping a vajra, symbol of the energy channels of the body, with his other hand raised in the threatening gesture. He represents the power of all the Buddhas of past, present and future. A statue of Vajrapani is placed at the entrance to monasteries and temples to ward of those that would harm the teachings or the sangha, or temple. Vajrapani is sometimes situated next to the Buddha with Avalokitesvara on the opposite side. Here he is the central figure.

Hayagriva is a yidam, or personal protector deity, the fierce form of Avalokitesvara and represents fierce compassion. The Bird-man above, Garuda, is the eagle of wisdom; he too is here acting as guardian and protector, enemy of the snake race, the nagas lords and ladies of the underworld.

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