Los peces nacen en el agua, el hombre nace en el Tao.Si los peces, nacidos en el agua, buscan la sombra profunda del estanque o la alberca, todas sus necesidades son satisfechas.Si el hombre, nacido en el Tao, se hunde en la profunda sombra de la no-acción, para olvidar la agresión y las preocupaciones, no le falta nada, su vida es segura.
Moraleja: "Todo lo que necesita el pez es perderse en el agua.Todo lo que necesita el hombre es perderse en el Tao".


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1 jul. 2015

Lu Ji ﹝ about 1439 ~ 1505 ﹞, specializes in painting flowers, he usually phoenix, peacock, crane, duck theme, then home to the rich colors of trees and flowers, the picture brighter. He told King Sho side are the Ming Dynasty academy ancient bird represented in the Pro. Handed down the works are "Guiju mountain birds map". Cliff bird and flower description: "cliff bird map" Mining Right real composition left empty, so the whole picture,,,,

  "Birds and Flowers cliff" Picking the right real composition left empty, so that the entire picture generate lofty and profound sense of space. In the upper right corner of the cliff only to portray ax cracked rock hard, and spatial arrangement of the cliff; contrast cliff, is a small piece of a gentle slope on the left side, about two and a small , one high and one low correspondence, the river and there will be some twists and turns deep space, as if the river extending to endless distance. Solidago osmanthus oblique projecting cliff above the rest stop with three starlings birds, two black and one white, as if enlivened tweet. Down the cliff, there are two kite mandarin duck, one after the other, the former quiet back in the water, which is called the stone shore gung, the two have several flower white duck in the middle, the group dynamic line above Osmanthus branch It happens to constitute two parallel lines, dividing the space into three segments. In birds and waterfowl on the following were also echoed the same, but the middle is disposed between both the care of a bunch of white chrysanthemums and two strains of white hibiscus flower, height and movement.