Los peces nacen en el agua, el hombre nace en el Tao.Si los peces, nacidos en el agua, buscan la sombra profunda del estanque o la alberca, todas sus necesidades son satisfechas.Si el hombre, nacido en el Tao, se hunde en la profunda sombra de la no-acción, para olvidar la agresión y las preocupaciones, no le falta nada, su vida es segura.
Moraleja: "Todo lo que necesita el pez es perderse en el agua.Todo lo que necesita el hombre es perderse en el Tao".


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gracias ! Namasté

15 may. 2016

Landscapes minerals painted by Nature. Moss agate looks like painting, true, but the artist is Nature. Multi-colored landscape stones fully justify their name, using imagination you can distinguish the sea, meadows, mountains, sky, clouds, trees, ghostly green and brown, as in the paintings of Pierre Bonnard. The ability of rocks and minerals to form patterns that resemble paintings, graphics and characters is well known to fans of stones. Pattern emerges clearly if the stone is cut and polished. Here are images of Agate and some Onyx, found in different corners of our Earth – Baikal region, the Alps, Alaska, Kamchatka, Mongolia, and even Moscow region. The unusual agates are stored in collections, the same as paintings, and the same as paintings they have names – “Bay of Providence”, “Sannikov Land”, “Madagascar”.