Los peces nacen en el agua, el hombre nace en el Tao.Si los peces, nacidos en el agua, buscan la sombra profunda del estanque o la alberca, todas sus necesidades son satisfechas.Si el hombre, nacido en el Tao, se hunde en la profunda sombra de la no-acción, para olvidar la agresión y las preocupaciones, no le falta nada, su vida es segura.
Moraleja: "Todo lo que necesita el pez es perderse en el agua.Todo lo que necesita el hombre es perderse en el Tao".


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8 ago. 2016

Antique Japanese Fine Art Painting Wall Hanging Scroll Landscape Mt. Penglai Kakejiku – 1408076

In Chinese mythology, the mountain is often said to be the base for the Eight Immortals, or at least where they travel to have a banquet. Supposedly, everything on the mountain seems white, while its palaces are made from gold and platinum, and jewelry grows on trees.

There is no pain and no winter; there are rice bowls and wine glasses that never become empty no matter how much people eat or drink from them; and there are magical fruits growing in Penglai that can heal any disease, grant eternal youth, and even raise the dead.

The signature reads Tosanomori (the load of Tosa) Mitsusada. Mitsusada Fujiwara (1738-1806) also known as Mitsusada Tosa was born as the second son of Tosa Mitsuyoshi. In 1754 he was retained as a court painter. In the 1760 he painted fusuma (sliding doors) for the court, and in 1789, when the Kyoto Imperial Palace was remodelled, he again painted fusuma sliding doors. Mitsusada was a highly esteemed painter and is generally considered to have revived the Tosa school of painting.

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